The Controller

An intuitive and familiar interface across all platforms.

Smart Access

View all your music in one spot. View your friend’s and family’s music collections via one interface.

Independent Control

Independent volume, balance, and EQ settings for each room. Tweak
the audio to be just right for the different speakers and acoustical
properties. After all, your home theater speakers play differently
than the speakers in your laptop.

Fast Access

One of those music fiends who has an enormous music library, like
40,000 songs or more? No big deal. You can browse and search
just as fast as the person with only 100.

Global Search

Not sure where you put that new song or playlist? No problem. Search all libraries and music sources all at once and in one location.

Party Time

Group rooms together, including Apple AirPlay devices, in
“Sessions” to play the same music in those rooms all in sync.

Minimum System Requirements

Web Browser
Any modern web browser
Chrome 20+, Safari 5+, Firefox 17+, Opera 12+, or Internet Explorer 10+

iOS 5.1.1 or newer
30.0 MB of available drive space

Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or newer
20.0 MB of available drive space

Minimum Network Requirements

At least one audio|acacia:server installed and running on the network.