Play From Anywhere

audio|acacia supports a number of internet streaming services, local music libraries, and other audio inputs with more sources being added all the time.

Internet Sources

No compromises. Just pure sound. The first music service emphasizing high fidelity sound quality. Unlimited access to over 25 million tracks. A lossless audio experience, you can enjoy your music the way the artists intended.
Listen to thousands of Live Stations from across the United States. Create commercial-free, personalized Custom Stations featuring songs from the artist you select. Choose from a catalog of over 20 million songs and 450,000 artists.
Sit back and relax. Let Slacker’s team of music experts entertain you with over 200 expert-programmed stations covering every imaginable genre or mood. Stations are updated daily to stay fresh and follow what’s hot and trending. Fine tune those stations to your exact liking. For Premium Plus accounts, get access to a pool of music on-demand, 10 million songs deep.
Listen to handcrafted, user-curated, internet playlists for free. Playlists compiled by people, not algorithms.
At 35 million tracks, Deezer offers one of the largest on-demand music catalogs ever! Build your own playlists, listen to community playlists, and even upload your own mp3s. Get recommendations based on the tracks you love and hate, listen to custom radio, or discover new artists through live “Deezer Sessions”.
Over 25 million songs globally, covering every possible genre. It's your unbelievably big music library streamed directly to your home, with no ads - just the music you want. A blend of on-demand music and customized internet radio.
Get online streaming access to all your CDs in lossless format with Murfie. Just send them your CDs in a shipping package they provide. You can even buy and sell your CDs via their online marketplace without ever having to deal with the physical media. They take care of all of that for you.
Enjoy thousands of online radio stations from across the globe, featuring all tastes and styles.

Local Sources

This music player needs no introduction. By installing the audio|acacia engine, your iTunes library, playlists, and stations are automatically discovered and with all of your painstakingly adjusted metadata intact. No need to manually sync or copy anything. Any changes you make to your iTunes library are immediately noticed and available within audio|acacia.
Not an iTunes user? No problem. audio|acacia shows no favoritism. Access to your Windows Media Player library from within audio|acacia is automatic and immediate.
Now you’re thinking outside the box. Winamp is one of the best alternatives to Windows Media Player around, and it plays nice with the more obscure audio formats. Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, and MOD to name a few. A cousin to the SHOUTcast online-radio service, “It really whips the llama’s @$s!“
Want to stream audio from a source we don't yet support natively? No problem. Simply select the "Stream to audio|acacia" option from any AirPlay enabled app, such as Spotify or Pandora. You can even stream to audio|acacia from multiple devices simultaneously.
Ok, so your friend just compiled a new playlist on his iDevice (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, what have you) and wants to play it at your party. Our iOS audio|acacia app automatically shares an iDevice music library wirelessly with the entire system. In fact, audio|acacia shares the music of all iDevices connected to the same WiFi network so that you can browse all of them together.
Your Record Player is in the Study, but its a beautiful day and you want to hear your vinyl while out on the deck. What to do? audio|acacia can play from your computer’s sound card input with ease.
Not everyone uses iTunes, WMP, or Winamp to manage their local music. In fact, some users have large collections of lossless FLAC, DSD, or other music formats that iTunes and the others don't support. So, simply specify a folder path to have audio|acacia go through in search of music. Virtually all music formats are supported.