Submitting Feedback

We want to hear what you have to say about the software, both the good and the bad. Please submit your questions, suggestions, comments, and concerns via our Submit Feedback page.

Filing a Bug Report

Bug Reports are submitted via our Report a Bug page.

Before you submit a bug, you may want to restart the service (following the disable/enable instructions listed below) and try to reproduce it again. Our software automatically updates itself on startup so a simple restart may fix your problem. A list of updates we've made are listed on the Change Log page.

When filing a bug, your report must include the following five items. If it doesn't include all five, we'll ask you to resubmit it.

  1. Steps to Reproduce
  2. We need exact steps on how to reproduce the bug (i.e. first press this, then do this, finally do this). Please do your best to reduce the steps to the minimum number required to reproduce the bug. This makes it a whole lot easier for us to find the bug and squash it. If it only happens under specific circumstances (i.e. with a specific platform, Airplay Device, etc.), please let us know here.
  3. Frequency
  4. How often does the bug occur using these steps? (i.e. always, most of the time, sometimes, 50% of the time, intermittently, etc.)
  5. Expected Outcome
  6. If we don't know what outcome you were expecting, we don't know how to fix the bug. We also don't know whether the outcome was by design or an actual bug.
  7. Actual Outcome
  8. Did it cause the program to crash? Did it put the program in a non-recoverable state? Did it just mess up some how?
  9. Attachments (log files, screenshots, etc.)
  10. If the bug is back-end related, attach the log files and crash report:
    The last 10 log files are automatically generated and stored in the program's directory
    Windows - "Program Files/Plethra/audiolacacia - Background Service/Log"
    Mac - "/Applications/Plethra/audio|acacia - Background Service/Log"
    Linux - "{installation-path}/audio|acacia - Background Service/Log"
    iOS - "/audio|acacia/Documents/Log"
    Android - TBD

    The crash reports (if applicable) can be found in the following locations
    Windows - Via the Control Panel's "Action Center" or in "/ProgramData/Microsoft/Windows/WER/ReportQueue/" (folders named "AppCrash_AcaciaService.ex_{guid})
    Mac - Via the "Console" application or in "~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports" (file has .crash extension)
    Linux - Varies by distribution
    Android - TBD

    The iOS crash reports (if applicable) can be found in the following locations after syncing with iTunes (files have .crash extension)
    On Mac OS X - Via the "Console" application or the Finder in "~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/<DEVICE_NAME>"
    On Windows XP - In "C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Application Data\Apple Computer\Logs\CrashReporter\MobileDevice\<DEVICE_NAME>"
    On Windows Vista, 7, or 8 - In "C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\Logs\CrashReporter\MobileDevice\<DEVICE_NAME>"

    NOTE TO MAC USERS: ~/Library is hidden by default on Mac OS X. To easily get this folder, open the Finder application, then hold the "option" key while clicking on the "Go" menu. You should see a menu item for "Library." Click on that, then continue navigating to Logs, CrashReporter, etc.

    If the bug is Front-End Controller related, attach a screenshot:
    Screenshots can be created via the following methods
    Windows - "Print Screen" button
    Mac - "Command + Shift + 4"
    Linux - "Print Screen" button
    iOS - Press the "Home" button and Lock button simultaneously
    Android - Press the Power button and volume down button simultaneously for at least 1 second

Occasionally we may need to contact you via email to gather more information or have you try specific things in order to squash a bug.

Manually Disabling/Enabling the Software

If you need to temporarily disable the background service for any reason, follow these instructions:


  1. Navigate to the "Services" application
  2. Find the service labelled "audio|acacia - Background Service"
  3. Right-Click and hit 'Stop'
  4. To restart the service, Right-Click and hit 'Start'

Mac OS X

  1. Open up a terminal window
  2. Type the following command: sudo launchctl unload '/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.plethra.acacia.plist'
  3. Enter your administrative password and hit Return
  4. To restart the service, enter the following command: sudo launchctl load '/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.plethra.acacia.plist'
  5. Enter your administrative password and hit Return

Manually Un-installing the Software

If you need to un-install the background service for any reason, follow these un-installation instructions:


  • Go to the Add/Remove Programs and remove "audio|acacia - Background Service" (this will delete everything, with no trace left behind)

Mac OS X

  1. Delete the "audio|acacia - Background Service" folder from /Applications/Plethra
  2. Delete the com.plethra.acacia.plist Launch Daemon registration file from /Library/LaunchDaemons