The Wi-Fi Multi-Room Music System

audio|acacia is the most powerful and affordable way to play music in any room of your house. It uses your existing devices to build a multi-room music system. It operates using your own Wi-Fi network, and automatically discovers music and speakers. It allows you to play audio from anywhere to anywhere, all in sync so there are no echoes or annoying latency between rooms.

From Anywhere

Play from a variety of sources including many popular internet services, local music libraries, and other inputs.
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To Anywhere

Automatically play to your computers, your mobile devices, your web browser, AirPlay, Sonos, and Google Cast enabled speakers and soundsystems.
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The Server

The audio|acacia server is installed on every computer that has music or attached speakers, including mobile devices. It automatically discovers your music and speakers on the computer, and presents them to any audio|acacia controller app. You need at least one audio|acacia server installed in order for the system to function, but it operates best when there are many so that they can work together.
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The Controller

The audio|acacia controller app is where you browse all the music sources and play that music to the different speakers. It is also where you group speakers together to play the same music, control volume, queue playlists, et cetera.
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