Play To Anywhere

audio|acacia was built from the ground-up to be “hardware agnostic”. This means you may not have to buy anything upfront to get started building a multi-room audio system, because in many cases you can use your existing equipment. audio|acacia brings all your smart-enabled speakers and devices together into one app. This is a one-of-a-kind feature and something that you won't find anywhere else.

Your Computers

Easily setup a computer’s sound card outputs to play music from anywhere. You can even split a 5.1 channel or 7.1 channel surround sound card into additional zones. There is no limit.

AirPlay Speakers

So you already own an AppleTV, AirPort Express, or one of over 240 different AirPlay devices from 63 different manufacturers such as B&W, Sony, or Denon. Easy. audio|acacia automatically discovers these devices on your home network and allows you to play to them in sync with the rest of the system.

AirPlay Devices

Google Cast Devices

Own a Google Chromecast, Nexus Player, or one of a growing number of new Google Cast enabled TVs and speakers from manufacturers such as Sony, Philips, LG, or Denon? Perfect. audio|acacia automatically discovers these devices too. So you can play to them in sync with everything else.

Google Cast Devices

Sonos Speakers

So maybe you already own some fantastic Sonos speakers, but you're disappointed about not being able to play to your other gear right alongside that Play:5. audio|acacia won't let you down. Play to your Sonos devices right in sync with everything else.

Options Tower

Your Mobile Devices

Ever wondered what a table full of tablet and smart phones sound like when playing music in sync? I’ll give you a hint. One BIG speaker! Thats right, you can play to your mobile devices in sync with the rest of the system as well.

Mobile Devices

Your Web Browser

If you use a newer version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or IE Edge, you can play multi-room synchronized audio right in your browser.

Sonos Devices