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User Praise

Here are some of the great things our users have to say about audio|acacia.

“When I first found your website it was one of those rare times where I thought 'this product works exactly the way I would have designed it if I were building it myself.' I honestly think you've nailed the formula.” - Paul Fletcher - Alberta, Canada

“All the features missing on other competition devices are taken care of here! I like the way it hardly takes time detecting new songs added to iTunes.” - Sawan Nichani - New Delhi, India

“I will be using audio|acacia for many years to come.” - William Beckett - Queensland, Australia

“Love it. Works great in combination with my other devices.” - Stijn Claessens - Nijmegen, The Netherlands

“I really like the functionality and the fact that you need zero configuration.” - Malte Rudolf - Enger, Germany

“This is pretty cool technology!” - Joe Devine - Austin, Texas

“This is truly an awesome app!” - Bryan Newell - Murrieta, California

“This stuff looks really nice man, and it may have the potential to replace my Sonos system that I simply love!” - Chris Norris - Humble, Texas

“I'd love a Sonos system but I simply can't afford one. I think this could be a serious contender for those of us who are unable to splash out on a Sonos.” - Chris Smith - West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

“This service/program is truly fantastic and extremely neat. It beats the pants off any Sonos setup in my mind due to the low cost of setup and you can use your own high end speakers with correctly driven amps compared to Sonos.” - Andrew Dunk - Milwaukee, Wisconsin