Here is a list of the updates we've made to audio|acacia. To get the latest version, simply restart the back-end server or front-end controller. They update automatically on startup.

DescriptionDateTime (DD/MM/YY 24:00)
Fixed Sonos integration08/01/17 23:32
Fixed registration process after webkit update03/01/17 18:57
Fixed bug in the Deezer Plugin that was causing the service to assert26/11/16 12:56
Dropped Mac OS X 10.6 support (min now 10.7). Reduced install size for Mac.03/10/16 15:55
Updated libc++ libraries on mac to fix missing symbol crash07/09/16 16:31
Fixed bug that would cause the Folder Structure plugin to generate new empty sources if a .source file became corrupt07/09/16 15:28
Fixed bug that did not allow the registration of a network with a location21/08/16 13:31
ReconfirmSRVRecord during SRV registration to prevent an assert on a name conflict27/07/16 14:54
Fixed "This Browser" sink volume slider not updating in all places05/07/16 13:42
Patched bug in WMP Plugin that would cause an assert when there are playlists with names that are not in the collection05/07/16 13:03
Improved licensed network detection when connected to multiple networks20/05/16 11:29
Failed gracefully when another application has an exclusive lock on upnp port 190011/05/16 17:49
Fixed bad quality .deb installer for Linux27/04/16 11:30
Fixed bug in AirPlay and Sonos plugins that caused undefined behavior that sometimes resulted in a crash25/04/16 17:18
Improved web browser and Google Cast audio playback synchronization19/04/16 20:16
Patched crash on Windows caused by Sessions binding to interfaces that were not connected17/02/16 13:23
Added ability to send commands to Sessions via buttons on AirPlay devices04/02/16 12:23
Fixed a crash associated with duplicate hostname resolution entries29/01/16 18:18
Improved logging to help debug any problems users are experiencing28/01/16 16:47
Updated Bonjour msi (32-bit only) 26/01/16 12:59
Fixed crashes on Raspberry Pi when an interface notified a change to the MDNS stack23/01/16 17:22
Prevent the server from crashing because too many files are opened at once while extracting a Folder Structure source21/01/16 13:56
Performance increase for Folder Structure Plugin20/01/16 22:35
Fixed Folder Structure source case sensitive file system bug19/01/16 15:39
Fixed Windows builds to work with languages other than English18/01/16 15:46
Fixed Raspberry Pi installer missing dependency on fresh install18/01/16 11:43
Fixed builds for Windows XP SP215/01/16 15:01
Added official installers for all linux builds14/01/16 22:52
Fixed Linux builds to play ALAC songs that are actually videos10/01/16 16:19
Ignore Google Cast Groups06/01/16 17:46
Exclude files and folders in Folder Structure source that start with "." since they are invisible06/01/16 14:33
Circumvent the communication issues seen between the server and Airplay devices by adding support for IPv6 and link-local addresses05/01/16 20:55
Introduced Raspberry Pi build24/12/15 21:10
Fixed race condition crash on Linux dealing with hostname resolution23/12/15 16:42
Fixed deadlock bug with HTTPS requests21/12/15 17:25
Bug fix that prevented the Controller from populating when the computer name had special characters in it21/12/15 17:14
Performance and reliability increase for playback of local sources17/12/15 19:46
Fixed bug that caused controllers on Linux not to update14/12/15 19:48
Added the "Starting" modal to inform users that the server is currently starting up12/12/15 11:17
Added "This Browser" playback support to be default when there are no Sessions09/12/15 16:44
Fixed playback of ALAC files on Windows that are actually videos09/12/15 13:08
Introduced Folder Structure Plugin04/12/15 14:19
Differentiate between the different versions of Chromecast20/11/15 12:03
Performance increase for Global Source10/11/15 13:51
Handle the case where Google Maps are not available in China09/11/15 17:13
Added new "Sample" flag to items in Deezer and 8Tracks to inform that it is a sample rather than the full song05/11/15 13:25
Made improvements that would prevent network/internet instability from locking up the server26/10/15 14:20
Fixed some cases that would not allow the Server to run14/10/15 15:06
Fixed installer for Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan as well as added ability for server to be shutdown with CTRL-913/10/15 19:44
Fixed Deezer bug that would prevent playback in some cases07/10/15 18:54
Added support for the new Chromecast and the Chromecast Audio05/10/15 20:46
Fixed buffer overflow crash that could happen on Mac OS X02/10/15 18:27
Improved error reporting in order to better support users28/09/15 17:50
Allow ineligible networks to update and notify the user of the problem27/09/15 20:05
Patched crash bug in iTunes plugin26/09/15 16:18
Updated Bonjour msi (64-bit only)26/09/15 15:00
Patched bug that prevented playback on Windows machines in some instances26/09/15 14:58
Fixed deadlock in Deezer plugin that would lead to a server freeze25/09/15 11:10
Fixed iTunes plugin for new versions of Windows22/09/15 17:25
Android crash bug fix when starting up while not connected to WiFi18/09/15 16:52
Fixed crash bug on Linux builds16/09/15 15:09
Fixed issues with restarting the server with CTRL-013/09/15 17:02
Fixed getting the preferred output device for Mac OS X Yosemite and prevented the use of AirPlay as the preferred device12/09/15 14:39
Fixed a bug that would cause audio to stutter in particular songs and in particular locations13/05/15 12:56
Greatly increased the artwork loading/caching performance for Back-End Servers running on Windows11/05/15 16:13
Increased the performance and reliability of Back-End Server to Server communication when a machine has multiple IPs05/05/15 12:44
Introduced the Tidal source plugin04/05/15 17:10
Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause audio stuttering to be heard when playing to "Acacia" sinks04/05/15 14:43
Changed the precedence in which artwork is fetched for albums and tracks04/05/15 14:43
Fixed a bug with the iOS source plugin that would sometimes prevent browsing02/05/15 13:31
Improved audio metadata identification within the "AirTunes" source plugin01/05/15 19:32
Discontinued Grooveshark source plugin01/05/15 11:36
Fixed a bug within the listening session that would cause portions of the song to be skipped when pausing and resuming22/04/15 14:14
Fixed a bug within the listening session that incorrectly reported the current position of the song22/04/15 14:14
Made various AirPlay playback reliability improvements22/04/15 14:14
Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause audio to AirPlay devices to not start playback19/04/15 11:56
Fixed a bug that would cause the Back-End Server to crash when seeking to a portion of a song that hadn't yet been downloaded19/04/15 11:56
Improved audio playback performance to mobile devices18/04/15 15:54
Introduced low-latency playback start time to all devices including "Acacia" and "AirPlay" sinks17/04/15 20:48
Introduced the Rhapsody and Deezer source plugins15/04/15 18:45
Added modal in Front-End Controller to prevent accidental logout of users from music services currently being used by a sessions14/03/15 14:59
Added 64-bit support for the iOS Front-End Controller app08/02/15 16:18
Changed the order of operations for the Back-End Server update procedure to prevent failed update attempts 22/01/15 23:24
Added support for websocket message fragmentation for improved communication reliability16/12/14 10:37
Prevent Linux Back-End Server from running without elevated privileges needed for thread prioritization10/12/14 12:28
Made a change to the Slacker source plugin to better handle duplicate items09/12/14 19:20
Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the Back-End Server to crash when encountering some UTF-8 encoded commands09/12/14 17:23
Updated the Android Front-End Controller to improve UI performance and decrease minimum version to 4.008/12/14 15:37
Improved websocket reliability in the Back-End Server by ensuring proper UTF-8 encoding07/12/14 13:31
Fixed a duplicate items bug within the Slacker source plugin03/12/14 23:23
Improved audio synchronization for Android devices03/12/14 13:48
Fixed various item permission issues within the Global Source plugin01/12/14 22:50
Improved performance and reliability between Back-End Servers30/11/14 21:45
Fixed a bug within the Slacker source plugin that would sometimes cause the Back-End Server to crash with certain content27/11/14 12:06
Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause audio to AirPlay devices to stop working25/11/14 11:20
Fixed a bug that was causing audio blips with AirPlay devices when seeking or starting the song over using the Previous command23/11/14 15:02
Updated the Windows Installer to include code signed certificate (allows for installation without warning)17/11/14 16:22
Fixed a websocket error that improved reliability between Back-End Servers and Front-End Controllers14/11/14 18:00
Updated ALAC encoder in Back-End Server (fixed a static noise heard with some AirPlay devices)07/11/14 16:24
Fixed a set of bugs that caused tiny blips of audio to be played at the start of new songs or while adding a device to a session26/10/14 19:07
Added more detailed descriptions to error modals in Front-End Controllers25/10/14 00:21
Improved the performance of loading artwork images for Mac Back-End Servers25/10/14 00:21
Improved the process of error reporting to make detecting, diagnosing, and fixing bugs faster20/10/14 23:25
Began preventing logging out of an internet-based source while a session is currently playing from the account18/10/14 19:08
Added support for iTunes 12 libraries for Mac OS X Back-End Servers18/10/14 11:26
Fixed a bug in the Mac OS X installer that prevented app icons from showing up14/10/14 18:32
Fixed a bug in the Mac OS X Back-End Server that prevented operation when the host had no user-defined hostname or computer name11/10/14 20:53
Fixed a set of bugs that would cause the Windows Back-End Server to crash when querying corrupt Windows Media Player databases10/10/14 10:51
Fixed a bug that would cause the Windows Back-End Server to crash when attempting to connect with the COM server for network events10/10/14 10:51
Added in a check to make sure that Bonjour is installed and running before starting up the Windows Back-End Server09/10/14 18:21
Fixed a bug that prevented the Back-End Server from cleanly restarting08/10/14 17:45
Updated the Windows Back-End Server installer to include the option of installing audio|acacia & config|acacia controller shortcuts04/10/14 21:04
Added a proper uninstaller to the Mac Back-End Server (uninstall.tool)04/10/14 12:58
Fixed a bug that prevented certain obscure iTunes libraries from being identified by the Back-End Server30/09/14 10:29
Improved the browsing and searching performance against large music libraries24/09/14 23:06
Fixed a bug the improperly identified iCloud-stored iTunes songs as radio stations21/09/14 22:37
Updated the Android Front-End Controller to name the device after the Owner rather than the device name21/09/14 18:00
Updated the Android Front-End Controller to use the back-button to navigate the UI rather than simply exiting the app21/09/14 18:00
Fixed a bug in the Android Front-End Controller that unintentionally allowed devices with small screens to use landscape orientation21/09/14 18:00
Added in a check before loading sinks to avoid possible configuration mismatch that would cause the Back-End Server to crash20/09/14 12:33
Added an indicator in the Front-End Controller that tells the user from what source a listening session is currently playing20/09/14 00:23
Added the ability to select a specific version of audio|acacia for a network via the "Locations" section of Account Settings19/09/14 23:32
Increased the performance and reliability of the AirTunes plugins for improved audio quality 19/09/14 23:32
Introduced the "Input" plugin for playing from sound card input channels including microphones, line-in, and system sound19/09/14 23:32
Added the ability to rename and disable local music libraries19/09/14 23:32
Increased the speed and efficiency of parsing Windows Media Player libraries19/09/14 23:32
Fixed a bug in the availability settings of sinks that caused zones to become unavailable from midnight to 4:00 AM03/09/14 16:07
Fixed iTunes library parsing of library name from plist that caused the Back-End Server to crash with certain versions of iTunes29/08/14 23:59
Updated the Back-End Server HTTP client to perform better under slow network conditions29/08/14 11:07
Introduced config|acacia, a utility for configuring and customizing additional zones using sound card output pairs27/08/14 09:00
Fixed a bug that would cause the Back-End Server to crash with certain corrupted Winamp library databases22/08/14 17:47
Updated 8tracks plugin to grab high resolution artwork22/08/14 12:27
Switched to using link-local hostnames to identify Back-End Servers (fixes bugs associated with communicating with Back-End Servers)12/06/14 19:00
Increased the speed at which sessions are created when using mobile Front-Ends Controllers (i.e. iOS & Android)12/06/14 19:00
Updated the Global source plugin to initiate and include search results from internet-based sources12/06/14 19:00
Added the ability to resume from bookmarks within podcasts12/06/14 19:00
Increased the speed and reliability of Session, AirPlay, and Master volume levels12/06/14 19:00
Increased the performance of sessions under certain circumstances12/06/14 19:00
Partially resolved a bug that would prevent Front-End Controllers from working without a local Back-End Server running12/06/14 19:00
Added Artwork, Metadata, and Playback information when playing to AirPlay devices12/06/14 19:00
Added Playrate controls for playing at 1.5x, 2.0x, and 0.5x the regular playback speed12/06/14 19:00
Fixed a bug within source plugin databases that would sometimes cause segmentation faults14/05/14 08:28
Fixed a bug that made the session appear as though it was playing an item that it actually failed to play14/05/14 08:28
Fixed a bug that prevented the Back-End Server from running correctly when on a host machine connected to a VPN14/05/14 08:28
Added several error notification modals to the Front-End Controllers to better inform the user of errors14/05/14 08:28
Increased the reliability and audio quality of the AirTunes source plugin17/04/14 08:20
Fixed a bug that was causing some AirPlay devices on certain networks from being able to join "listening sessions"12/04/14 15:40
Fixed a bug that was causing the Murfie source plugin to not populate with content after logging in07/04/14 12:40
Updated Windows installer to set proper firewall exceptions for Bonjour (fixes back-end servers not finding each other sometimes)07/04/14 12:40
Fixed a bug in the Front-End Controller that caused source icons to be rendered incorrectly when long library names are displayed22/03/14 12:05
Improved listening session audio quality and performance when host computer is under heavy load21/03/14 19:32
Fixed a bug in the Windows version of the back-end server that would cause the service to crash after exceptions occurred13/03/14 10:10
Increased the loading performance of internet based sources13/03/14 10:10
Changed the way errors in the loading of internet based sources is handled for greater reliability13/03/14 10:10
Fixed a bug that prevented the back-end server from starting when Grooveshark is blocked by certain ISPs16/02/14 23:35
Introduced the Android Front-End Controller16/02/14 23:35
Changed the Front-End Controller "Item Brief" artwork to be centered and full width16/02/14 23:35
Changed the Front-End Controller "Item Brief" buttons to be more visible16/02/14 23:35
Made a change in the Front-End Controller to utilize web sockets in more scenarios to increase performance and responsiveness16/02/14 23:35
Fixed a bug in the back-end server that was causing events to build up and not get sent out16/02/14 23:35
Removed a "spit" or "pop" in the audio stream that would occur when initiating playback on a song16/02/14 23:35
Made a change to prevent the back-end server from reinstalling the Bonjour windows service when it is already installed16/02/14 23:35
Fixed a bug that prevented the "Previous" button from working properly16/02/14 23:35
Made a change to the way the back-end server delivers audio on Windows for more reliable delivery under heavy CPU load16/02/14 23:35
Fixed a bug that caused newly created sessions to not respect the "Master" volume setting16/02/14 23:35
Fixed a bug in the Front-End Controller that would sometimes cause tabs in the item drawer to appear when they shouldn't16/02/14 23:35
Fixed a bug that caused the search Filter to not be remembered when pressing the "GoTo" button16/02/14 23:35
Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the back and forth buttons within the "Item Drawer" to not work16/02/14 23:35
Fixed a bug that caused back-end servers to not properly say "goodbye" to Front-End Controllers when shutting down or restarting16/02/14 23:35
Resolved a race condition in the AirPlay source plugin that would prevent new items from being added to the list16/02/14 23:35
Added a timeout for automatically hiding the data display to expose the artwork within the Selected Session Drawer16/02/14 23:35
Decreased the "flashing" seen on mobile and tablet devices within the item drawer when scrolling and when new items are added16/02/14 23:35
Fixed a bug that would show incorrect dates in the item drawer16/02/14 23:35
Made a change with the EQ sliders to be more fluid when switching presets16/02/14 23:35
Added "Power Scrolling" feature to the item drawer for quick scrolling in large lists16/02/14 23:35
Fixed a bug that would sometimes prevent a newly logged in user for a source from being automatically selected16/02/14 23:35
Fixed a bug that allowed the shuffle and repeat buttons to still be adjustable even when disabled16/02/14 23:35
Added new sorting defaults for albums and artists, such as sorting by disc number and track number16/02/14 23:35
Added an "Unsupported Browser" page that appears when attempting to use the web front-end controller in an older browser16/02/14 23:35
Fixed a bug in the Front-End Controller that caused the now-playing metadata to flash multiple times when playing live stations16/02/14 23:35
Fixed a bug that caused the iOS app to crash when not connected to a network17/01/14 21:32
Added modal event notification information (connected/disconnected from network or internet; sleep, shutdown, restart) 17/01/14 21:32
Fixed a bug that prevented Windows hosted sessions from playing ALAC encoded files17/01/14 21:32
Added fetching of items and tabs simultaneously to speed of populating of center "Item Drawer"27/12/13 21:30
Added caching of all tabs for quicker viewing of previously viewed items27/12/13 21:30
Fixed a bug that occurred when using the "GoTo" button on source-level searches27/12/13 21:30
Fixed a bug that was causing Shuffle mode to not always be random27/12/13 21:30
Several minor performance changes and bug fixes27/12/13 21:30
Added a Selected Session Pane to the front-end controller that is easily accessible by swiping-up or tapping on the bottom handle01/12/13 16:50
Added a Volume Pane to quickly change volume levels of any rooms/zones01/12/13 16:50
Simplified Session interaction and removed some unecessary text to decrease clutter01/12/13 16:50
Introduced the Grooveshark source plugin01/12/13 16:50
Updated the front-end controller to auto-connect to back-end servers when not running locally (no more manual IP address entry)01/12/13 16:50
Made presentation, performance, and reliability enhancements to the front-end controller01/12/13 16:50
Updated the front-end controller to have tabulated drawer handles to make it easier to swipe back and forth between drawers01/12/13 16:50
Fixed a bug in the web front-end controller that caused the AirPlay source Play button from not showing up correctly in some cases22/10/13 21:05
Introduced the Murfie source plugin14/10/13 14:30
Introduced the "AirPlay Source" plugin14/10/13 14:30
Fixed a bug that caused the detection of iTunes 11.1 libraries to crash the back-end server03/10/13 09:58
Fixed a bug that prevented AirPlay streaming to AppleTV units running 6.x03/10/13 09:58
Improved the database extract performance of all source plugins03/10/13 09:58
Improved source plugin user support and user context switching03/10/13 09:58
Fixed a bug the prevented artwork from loading for the Global source03/10/13 09:58
Fixed a bug that was causing albums to appear under the wrong artist when the album names were the same03/10/13 09:58
Added the ability to "like" mixes in the 8tracks source plugin03/10/13 09:58
Updated the back-end server to cache artwork downloaded from the internet thereby reducing internet traffic and retrieval time30/08/13 12:15
Updated the front-end controller to cache artwork downloaded from back-ends thereby reducing network traffic and load time30/08/13 12:15
Attempt at fixing a bug that prevents use of audio|acacia on networks that distribute public IP addresses30/08/13 12:15
Drastically increased the speed and responsiveness of all HTTP requests resulting in faster artwork retrieval, volume changes, etc.20/08/13 13:04
Made an improvement to the way audio playback is controlled to better handle scenarios when the host machine is under heavy load20/08/13 13:04
Fixed a bug that would retrieve and display some iTunes library names incorrectly09/08/13 14:48
Improved the AirPlay plugin to more closely follow established RAOP protocol09/08/13 14:48
Fixed a bug that was causing a small audio glitch to occur when playback was forced "Next" in a listening session09/08/13 14:48
Fixed a bug that was causing a small audio glitch to occur when setting the position of a song09/08/13 14:48
Made a small improvement to the speed of "Next" and "Previous" session queue commands09/08/13 14:48
Fixed a small memory leak that existed when closing the Global, iHeartRadio, or 8Tracks database connections during shutdown08/08/13 00:55
Fixed a race condition in loading source or sink plugins that sometimes caused the back-end server to crash if shutdown too early08/08/13 00:55
Fixed a bug that prevented the service from shutting down cleanly on Windows08/08/13 00:55
Fixed a bug that prevented songs on password protected network shares from being played from Windows machines07/08/13 13:24
Fixed a bug that prevented WMA files from being played from Windows XP machines07/08/13 13:24
Fixed a bug that prevented listening sessions hosted by Mac machines from playing WMA files07/08/13 13:24
Fixed a bug that was causing the following Windows log "Client application bug: DNSServiceResolve() active for over two minutes..."07/08/13 13:24
Fixed a bug that was causing the back-end server to crash on some Windows machines with multiple NICs07/08/13 13:24
Fixed a bug in our RAOP client that may have prevented audio playback from working with some AirPlay devices07/08/13 13:24
Fixed a bug in the iOS app that was causing a crash when connected to data networks that distribute private IP addresses07/08/13 13:24
Fixed a bug that was causing the iOS app to appear to crash immediately after registering a network07/08/13 13:24
Fixed a bug that was causing some AirPlay devices to be occasionally removed from listening sessions during playback07/08/13 13:24
Fixed a bug that prevented some Winamp libraries from being located when atypical Winamp user settings were in place07/08/13 13:24
Added shortcuts to the web front-end controller for restarting the local back-end server (CTRL-0) and all back-ends (CTRL-ALT-0) 07/08/13 13:24
Fixed a bug in the front-end that prevented sinks from being removed from a session header when the sink's host went to sleep07/08/13 13:24
Changed the default volume of AirPlay devices to start at 30% rather than 75%07/08/13 13:24
Made improvements to the iHeartRadio source plugin for faster login, browsing, and artwork caching25/07/13 16:03
Made improvements to the HTTP client to reduce CPU load when auto-updating the service and syncing the global source database25/07/13 16:03
Fixed a critical Windows Media Player plugin bug that was causing the back-end server to enter a crash-loop for many users25/07/13 16:03
Fixed a bug that was causing AirPlay devices to get kicked out of listening sessions while playing audio25/07/13 16:03
Fixed a bug that was causing Windows machines with Windows Media Player version 9 libraries from loading25/07/13 16:03
Fixed bugs within the WMP plugin that were causing the back-end server to crash when playlist file paths could not be found25/07/13 16:03
Made improvements to logging and fixed a bug that caused the back-end server to crash when writing to the log file in some cases25/07/13 16:03
Fixed a bug in the Global source plugin that was causing the back-end to crash when remote source databases could not be loaded25/07/13 16:03
Fixed a bug in the web front-end that prevented playback of Albums, Artists, and Genres07/07/13 18:56
Fixed a bug that prevented back-end servers from functioning when the host machine disconnects from a network07/07/13 18:39
Fixed a bug that prevented back-end servers from starting when no soundcard is installed on the host machine07/07/13 18:39
Fixed a bug that caused the back-end server to crash when paths to WMP playlists were missing or could not be found07/07/13 18:39
Fixed a bug on Mac that was causing the service to crash when the path of the iTunes database was missing from the iApps plist06/07/13 12:19
Added a modal to Front-End Controllers to notify users when seeding a custom station fails05/07/13 20:55
Updated Windows Installer to add AcaciaService.exe to the Windows Firewall exception list05/07/13 20:55
Fixed several bugs that caused Front-End Controllers to get out of sync with the availability of Back-End Servers and their services05/07/13 20:55
Introduced the 8tracks source plugin27/06/13 15:44
Minor bug fixes and improvements27/06/13 15:44
Updated the web front-end controller to defer artwork requests for faster loading and rendering20/06/13 12:40
Added Albums, Artists, & Genres tabs to iTunes, WMP, Winamp, and iOS sources20/06/13 12:40
Improved source database indexing for faster loading of large sources20/06/13 12:40
Fixed a bug that caused iTunes DRM protected songs to attempt to be played rather than ignored20/06/13 12:40
Introduced the new Windows Installer (should make the "Failed to Unzip" bug obsolete)14/06/13 21:27
Fixed a bug that was causing the back-end server to incorrectly identify the current default sound device on Mac OS X13/06/13 16:21
Updated the source plugin architecture to allow for more feature complete source integration and better searching11/06/13 16:10
Added numerous back-end server improvements and enhancements11/06/13 16:10
Introduced the "Global Search" that will search all sources in one location11/06/13 16:10
Introduced the iHeartRadio source plugin11/06/13 16:10
Introduced a new web front-end at optimized for iOS (a cursor/keyboard optimized interface will come later)11/06/13 16:10
Optimized the web front-end interface to work as an "Add to Home Screen" mobile Safari web application11/06/13 16:10
Removed some polling loops in the front-end and replaced them with events for efficiency11/06/13 16:10
Added to the front-end the option to specify an IP address of a remote back-end server to connect to when no local server is found11/06/13 16:10
Small performance enhancement for all Front-End-Controllers28/01/13 18:24
Fixed a long standing bug that prevented the Back-End-Server from as a service on Windows XP machines22/01/13 19:20
Added Front-End-Controller support for IE 10 (and preliminary support for IE 9)22/01/13 19:20
Added hot-key controls to desktop web Front-End-Controller22/01/13 00:35
Fixed a bug that was causing mono ALAC files to be played at double speed20/01/13 12:40
Fixed a bug that was causing mono and low sample rate files from playing correctly when streamed from iOS20/01/13 12:40
Fixed a bug in Windows that was causing the service to crash on startup for some users14/01/13 15:33
Fixed a bug in the iOS app where NULL fields in some song metadata were causing access violations14/01/13 01:00
Fixed a bug for Mac OS that improperly assumed that all users were locate in /Users directory13/01/13 18:17
Fixed a bug that prevented the service from starting with IPv613/01/13 18:17
Updated Windows Installer to install at %PROGRAMFILES%13/01/13 13:30
Added favicon to desktop Front-End Controller12/01/13 15:55
Added missing CD, FLAC, MIDI, WMA, and WAV audio support to Win64 build12/01/13 15:40
Added APE audio support to MacOS build12/01/13 15:40
Added Opus to Win32, Win64, and MacOS builds12/01/13 15:40
Respect that system drive is not always at C:12/01/13 15:40
Updated desktop Front-End Controller to have a splash screen while loading11/01/13 22:35
Fixed a sqlite_reset bug in Winamp & WMP source plugins11/01/13 19:50
Updated all Front-End Controllers to display disabled EQ notification for AirPlay devices (since this is not yet supported)10/01/13 18:55
Fixed literally 100s of small bugs, changes, and improvements too numerous to mention08/01/13 18:18
Added ability for web front-end to communicate via websockets for increased performance01/09/12 14:40
Increased responsiveness and stability of master, session, and AirPlay device volume changes01/09/12 14:40
Increased event notification reliability01/09/12 14:40
Introduced some performance improvements to the web interface24/08/12 19:10
Introduced official "audio|acacia" skin for desktop interfaces24/08/12 19:10
Fixed a bug that prevented media items with non-ASCII characters in file paths from being played21/08/12 10:55
Fixed a bug that prevented the header back button from sometimes not showing up (iOS)20/08/12 10:36
Introduced some very important performance updates (iOS)19/08/12 19:52
Fixed a bug that prevented local audio playback on Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion machines with AirPlay devices 12/08/12 10:20
Fixed a bug that prevented Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion machines from hosting listening sessions12/08/12 10:20
Fixed a bug that prevented the master volume from working (iOS)11/08/12 20:49
Fixed a bug that prevented the starting a session without first selecting a source (iOS)11/08/12 20:49
Fixed front-end bug that caused higher than needed CPU usage08/08/12 22:40
Increased thread efficiency to reduce CPU usage of background service for Mac users08/08/12 22:40
Added a "now-playing" footer to listening sessions for a quick view of what is playing08/08/12 22:40
Added ability to scroll up/down while actively sorting a zone08/08/12 22:40
Fixed a paging bug that caused unnecessary HTTP requests08/08/12 22:40
Introduced Mobile Interface for iOS devices 08/08/12 22:40
Introduced Tablet Interface for iOS devices08/08/12 22:40
Introduced the iOS source plugin (play audio wirelessly to and from your iOS devices!)08/08/12 22:40
Introduced the Winamp source plugin19/06/12 10:32
Enabled service to load sources and sinks asynchronously (should now startup service much faster)16/06/12 15:30
Added Headers to Selected Source Pane in web front-end16/06/12 15:30
Introduced the Windows Media Player source plugin16/06/12 15:30
Made network Sockets much more reliable (should fix a number of known crash related bugs)09/06/12 18:30
Fixed a bug that caused the service to hang when encountering machines with multiple users without an iTunes library09/06/12 18:30
Significantly decreased the amount of time the service takes to load09/06/12 18:30
Added some multi-threaded stability changes to the way sources are handled08/06/12 11:37
Explicitly register zeroconf entities on the "local." top-level psuedo-domain (should fix errors for machines on multiple domains)07/06/12 13:30
Stability and performance fixes for zeroconf07/06/12 13:30
Fixed a bug that prevented IE browser users from being able to make 'synchronous' cross-domain AJAX requests06/06/12 12:05
Fixed a bug that prevented 32-bit Windows machines from running the service on unregistered networks04/06/12 20:02
Fixed a bug in the HTML5 appcache that prevented the front-end from working when not connected to the internet03/06/12 21:30
Fixed a bug that crashed service when wide-area Bonjour services are enabled (aka "Back to My Mac")03/06/12 17:30
Introduced the Universal (Intel 32 & 64-bit capable) build for Mac OS X03/06/12 17:30
Fixed a parsing bug (& memory leak) that prevented retrieval of default gateway after a return from sleep03/06/12 17:00
Introduced the 64-bit build for Windows28/05/12 13:40
Fixed a bug the prevented IE browser users from being able to make cross-domain AJAX requests24/05/12 14:00
Changed method of retrieving default gateway (prevented service from starting on some machines)20/05/12 17:30
Fixed a bug that prevented the service from restarting after update if AcaciaService.old already existed20/05/12 16:00
Made the default mode 'beta' rather than 'alpha' (prevented the service from starting on all machines)19/05/12 21:30