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Introducing Sonos, Google Cast, and Web Browser audio support in audio|acacia

Synchronized audio playback to even more devices

LITTLETON, Colorado – Plethra™ announced today the support for synchronized audio playback to additional device types in audio|acacia including Sonos® components, Google Cast® enabled devices, and Web Browser windows. This adds to audio|acacia's existing audio playback support to Apple AirPlay devices, computers, smart phones, and tablets.

audio|acacia is the only multi-room audio solution specifically designed to work with a user's existing devices. Its a "build your own from what you own" multi-room audio system. It automatically discovers any and all Apple AirPlay® devices, Sonos® components, and Google Cast® devices on a user's home network and puts them in one user interface. In addition the web-app,, now supports local in-browser playback. Simply drag and drop these devices into the same 'listening session' to begin synchronized playback. No echoes, no latency.

Support for these new devices comes to audio|acacia in the form of a free software update, available in beta status starting today.