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Plethra Introduces audio|acacia – Multi Room Music System

Affordable Software and Hardware for Whole House Audio Distribution

LITTLETON, Colorado – Plethra™ today announced audio|acacia™, the world’s first software based multi zone audio system touting Apple® AirPlay® streaming audio support, advanced audio source aggregation including native iTunes® support, and zero configuration setup.

“Gone are the days of having to manage complicated network shares, configure IP addresses, setup local HTTP servers, and manually sync or duplicate music libraries,” says Plethra Co-Founder and CEO. “Most people don’t know what those are anyway so we’ve created a solution that avoids all this and works directly out-of-the-box.”

audio|acacia™ users will be able to simply download and install the software on any PC, Mac, or Linux computer to automatically share all music found on the device wired or wirelessly over a home network. The software automatically finds and shares iTunes® and Windows Media Player® libraries, USB attached iPods®, iPhones®, iPads®, Android® Phones, and MTP devices, as well as music CDs and online streaming music services with no configuration required. Software updates, including the aggregation of new online and local music sources and services, will be available free of charge.

The audio|acacia™ system can be controlled using the free desktop application for PCs, Macs, and Linux computers. Starting soon, users will also be able to control the system via free apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android operating systems.

audio|acacia™ also automatically discovers speakers attached to computers as well as Apple® AirPlay® devices and allows for more advanced audio output control via Plethra’s free system configuration utility, config|acacia™. Using the configuration software, customers can perform advanced system settings such as defining soundcard inputs and outputs as sources and rooms, setting “Do Not Disturb” schedules, multi-band equalization and balance settings, as well as maximum volume limits.

Pricing & Availability
For a limited time, customers will be able to purchase a license for the audio|acacia™ software at a significantly reduced price, as well as participate in our closed beta program and make critical feature suggestions.