Installing the audio|acacia Server on Ubuntu

The audio|acacia server can be installed onto Ubuntu and other Debian-based distributions using the .deb archive. The easiest way to do this is from the GUI just by double-clicking the downloaded .deb archive. But you can also install from the terminal.

From a terminal window, enter these commands:

1. Download the audio|acacia server -
For 32-bit Installs:
For 64-bit Installs:
For ARM Installs:

2. Install the audio|acacia Server -
sudo dpkg --install audio-acacia.deb

The install automatically takes care of adding the neccessary scripts to the init directory for registering the server as a daemon that auto respawns and starts when the computer boots.

You can then verify that the server is running by calling: initctl status AcaciaService

Uninstalling the audio|acacia Server

To completely uninstall the audio|acacia Server, issue the following command: sudo dpkg --remove audio-acacia