Installing the audio|acacia Server on Other Linux Distros

In addition to official .deb archive distributions for Ubuntu and Raspbian Linux users, you can also install the audio|acacia server on other distributions of Linux using the generic .tar.gz archive.

To do this, open a new terminal window, navigate to the directory where you want to install the software using cd (any directory will do), and enter these commands:

1. Download the audio|acacia server -
For 32-bit Installs:
For 64-bit Installs:
For ARM Installs:

2. Then unzip the archive -
tar -zxvf audio-acacia.tar.gz

3. Navigate to the newly unzipped directory -
cd Plethra\audio\|acacia\ -\ Background\ Service

4. Install the audio|acacia Server -
If your Linux distribution uses systemd or Upstart for init:
sudo ./AcaciaService install

The install command takes care of adding the neccessary scripts to the init directories for registering the server as a daemon that auto respawns and starts when the computer boots.

For systemd init distributions, you can verify that the server is running by calling: sudo systemctl status AcaciaService.service
For Upstart init distributions, you can verify that the server is running by calling: sudo initctl status AcaciaService

If your Linux distribution uses SystemV (/etc/init.d/) or some other init variant:
sudo ./AcaciaService

Failure to execute the AcaciaService with root privileges will cause the service to return with an error. Root privileges are currently needed solely to elevate some of AcaciaService's audio threads to higher priority. Also, if AcaciaService crashes or if the host machine is restarted, the server will not restart itself. If you want to setup audio|acacia as a daemon, you'll need to take care of writing your own init scripts to do this.

P.S: We'd like to create additional init daemon scripts and .rpm packages, including install scripts to simplify the installation procedure for more of our Linux users, but we need your feedback in order to do so. If you wish to see install scripts for your distro, please get in touch!