Getting Started

AirPlay Music from 3rd-Party Apps into audio|acacia

Even though we will work continously to natively support as many music services as we can, we are aware that supporting everything is simply not possible. In addition, there are times when the native music service app has features that we don't yet offer in audio|acacia. This is where using the "Stream to audio|acacia" feature is extremely valuable.

From iOS

From your iPhone/iPad, select the "Stream to audio|acacia" option in the AirPlay device menu. This feature should work for any app that supports AirPlay audio output (e.g. Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, etc.).

From Mac OS X

Navigate into System Preferences > Sound > Output, and then select the "Stream to audio|acacia" AirPlay device.

From Rogue Amoeba's Airfoil

Select the "Stream to audio|acacia" AirPlay device.

Accessing the Streams

The AirPlay streams are accessed via the AirPlay source from the left-hand drawer of the controller app. audio|acacia has the unique ability to accept multiple AirPlay streams simultaneously. There is no known limit to the number of incoming streams. Each active incoming stream will appear within the source, labeled by the device name. Pressing the play button will begin playback of that stream to the selected listening session. If metadata is sent by the AirPlay-enabled app, it will appear within the controller interface.

Note: In order for the "Stream to audio|acacia" option to appear, at least one audio|acacia server must be running on the network. Also, currently audio will not be in sync with video, though this is something we can add via a software update (vote for it here). Lastly, playback (e.g. Play/Pause & Next/Previous) of the AirPlay streams cannot be controlled within audio|acacia, but this can also be added via a software update (vote for it here).