Getting Started

Setting Up Custom Analog/Digital Input Sources

In the same way that sound card output channels can be used to create additional zones/rooms, sound card input channels can be used to create custom analog/digital input sources. This is useful for accessing legacy equipment, such as a Record Player, or other 3rd-party gear that we don't support natively.


To setup an input source, you must first install the server software on the same computer as the sound card input channel you plan to use. Once installed, the server will automatically discover the sound input devices and make them available for configuration via the web interface under the musical note tab icon. Nearly all sound cards, regardless of interface type (e.g. PCI, PCIe, USB, HDMI, Bluetooth, etc.) are supported. Both analog and digital inputs are supported as well.

Creating a Source

To create a new input source, simply press the green + button on the sound card input channel you wish to use. It will automatically provide a default name, which can be modified in the 'Source Details' portion of the interface. Where possible, we've color coded the inputs to help you to identify which is which on the physical hardware. All of your changes are seen and heard real-time, without ever having to restart any server or controller application.

Accessing the Sources

The custom input streams are accessed via the 'Input' source from the left-hand drawer of the controller app. Each custom stream will appear within the source, labeled by the custom name you've assigned to it. Pressing the play button will begin playback of that stream to the selected listening session.

Note: Currently no metadata will be provided for input sources, though this is something we can add via a software update (vote for it here).